How Medical Coders And Billers Are Paid?

Healthcare industry is a fast growing industry; so as the career opportunities in the industry. The demand for Medical Coders and Billers is increasing all over the world day by day.

A certified fresh Medical Coder / Biller can expect a reasonable good starting salary as per the knowledge and skill and a hike of minimum 20%-25% every year. As far as the experience and expertise go up, there are many incentives also in picture. The payment can vary on the basis of the specialty / practices, and the nature of the clients. However, if you work abroad as a medical coder, there are dream packages offered for expert medical coders. Apart from India, there are a large number of opportunities for medical coders and billers in US as well as the Middle East Region. As the medical insurance industry is growing multi-fold every year, soon the scope of medical coding and billing is going to be truly global. All these will make Medical Coding & Billing the most promising career in the near future.