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Medical coding is one of the fastest growing jobs in the healthcare sector. In recent days healthcare industry is having a prosperous time creating stunning job opportunities. Medical coding jobs is one in the league. This job is creating waves because of high pay packet and amazing growth prospects. The forecast seems promising – Bureau of Labor Statistics states that by 2022 there would be prolific 22% growth in medical coding job segment.
Medical coding is a job with a human face because it pertains to an industry which is based on care and compassion for human lives. The coders are into the work of translating written documents which contain diagnosis, operation procedures and other parameters sourced from physician’s prescriptions and laboratory reports, etc. into internationally accepted alphanumeric medical code numbers as per CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II coding standards.
Medical diagnosis, procedures, prescriptions and relevant documents clubbed together can be a huge manuscript which is hard for future references. In order to shorten and standardise the medical documentation medical coding is required. Coded medical records are easy for doctors, medical professionals and insurance companies worldwide to comprehend the reports with greater clarity.

How to get the Job?

Before applying for the job of medical coder one has to have the bright qualification and certifications like CPC, CIC, COC, CRC or CPC-P. The AAPC approved medical coding training institutes are extending best help forward for skills development, certification and placement of aspiring medical coders in healthcare domain.

Medical Coding salary

The salary drawn by a medical coder is quite high. Certified medical coders can earn more than non-certified ones. The certified coders are given preference during interview and selection. The monetary value of the job is $ 17.22 per hour. On an average basis, a coder can earn as high as $ 44,026 per year.

Can Medical Coders work Remotely?

Yes, medical coders can work remotely, from home or from a coworking venue. Even part time job seekers, housewives and people who have hearing and speech difficulties are finding this profession to be a boon.

Medical Coding Scope

Globally there is a high demand for medical coders across top-notch hospitals. The demand is escalating because there is a dearth of technical personnel who can document medical procedures and documents with internationally approved codes. In USA only 49% of the employers have medical coders on board. The same applies for Asian and European countries.

Government hospitals, multi-specialty hospitals, nursing homes and private clinics have mushroomed but hardly there are coders who can handle the medical coding job primarily due to lack of awareness about the job.

Indeed there is a high scope to be absorbed in healthcare industry as medical coding professionals in USA, India, UAE and the Philippines. The cherry on top is that medical coders can expand horizons and become a Certified Professional Medical Auditor, Certified Physician Practice Manager and Certified Professional Compliance Officer in later years.

Keeping this in purview many students are opting for medical coding certification at elite institutions.

Top companies Hiring Medical Coding Professionals in India:

Best companies who employ medical coding students:


Medical coding companies in Delhi/NCR:

  • UHG
  • Eli India
  • I Health RCM Solutions Private Limited
  • Acs Global Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Nthrive Global Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • R1RCM
  • R System Pvt Ltd
  • Square One Info solutions Private Limited
  • Access Healthcare.Advantemed
  • Emds Consulting
  • Elate Rcm Services Pvt Ltd
  • Capline Services Pvt Ltd
  • S.S.Nair Communications Pvt Ltd.
  • Porteck India Info services.


Medical coding companies in Bangalore: :

  • OSPRO SYS Softwares (P) Ltd.
  • Vee Technology
  • Indegene
  • Indian Healthcare BPO
  • Omega healthcare
  • Etransmedia Technology Inc
  • Futuristic Giga Tech Pvt ltd
  • Lloyds Solutions Inc


Medical coding companies in Pune :

  • First Insight Software Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • Mediscript,Cotiviti India Pvt.Ltd
  • Futurism Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Atria biosciences


Medical coding companies in Hyderabad:

  • Clinizen, Transcode Solutions
  • Visionary RCM InfoTech Pvt Ltd
  • Sutherland Healthcare Services
  • Phycare Solutions
  • Anthelio Healthcare Solutions
  • Elico Healthcare solutions
  • AGS Health
  • MedTek.net
  • IKS Health


Medical coding companies in Chennai:

  • H-Bay Healthcare Private Ltd
  • NTT Data
  • Triens Software Solutions (P) Ltd
  • Intelenet Global Services Private Limited