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Medical Coding provides tremendous opportunities to all talented Life science and Paramedical graduates who have passion for Healthcare industry. Medical Coding is among the most in-demand professions in India, USA, Philippines, UAE and various other countries. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, employment of health information managers which includes medical coding , is expected to grow 22 % by the year 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations.


Elate Academy vision is to provide industry oriented training programmes keeping in view the current and future scenario through easily accessible flexible learning mode. This is achieved through weekly published newsletters covering current changes going on around the world healthcare industry. Represent the interests of medical coders in the country and keep medical coding industry ahead of changing times.

However there is enormous crunch of technical personnel with specific skills to match the requirements of this vast growing industry.


Healthcare is one such industry, which is never affected by any economic crisis or recession. However, with the use of Information Technology in the field of Healthcare, there are many new-age jobs under the “Healthcare BPO” sector, Medical Coding is one of the most promising career among these.


As far as Medical Coding is concerned, the job has a unique set of requirement to fulfill. For a professional, it is so crucial to understand: How coding and billing works for the Fortune 500 Healthcare companies and how the insurance sector functions at different nations.


The simple reason why medical coding and billing exists is that, the USA physicians and the medical practices need to get paid for their services from the insurance providers, the USA Healthcare is very stringent on Compliance regarding the Medical Necessity, for which strict scrutiny is in place by the USA Govt. to release the payments to the Healthcare Providers, i.e the Physicians, Physicians’ Assistants, Hospitals, Diagnostic Labs etc. A Medical Coder and/ Biller must be a skilled professional in order to take up this task and deliver it with precision. This is why the intensive training from a PMCC licensed Training Provider, ELATE Academy, becomes so vital. The modules of Coding & Billing Training are designed in such a way to offer expertise to the trainees to secure a successful and lucrative career. The curriculum is designed specifically by health care professionals and instructors. Students of these classroom courses learn the fundamentals of medical coding and dissect real-world medical cases and charts to extract the most relevant information. All classes are taught by AAPC-approved instructors who have been trained in exclusive Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC).






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