One of the most confusing job profiles in the medical field as well as in the healthcare industry is that of a medical coder. Furthermore, many people do not even understand what a medical coder is and what do they do. This article will help you understand the role of a medical coder and how do you become one.

What exactly is a medical coder?

If you have always wanted to join the medical field and do something in the same, then grab that chance by becoming a medical coder. Medical coders are an essential link between an insurance company and the patient.

The primary job of a medical coder is to assign codes to the corresponding insured persons in order to come to the amount to be reimbursed. Depending on the nature of your coding, you will have to study the prescriptions, logs and various other medical data to assign the codes.

Why become a medical coder?

Before we jump into how you can become a medical coder, here are some impressive reasons why becoming a medical coder is great:

  1. You will not have to spend years in college or studying to get into the medical profession,
  2. You can kickstart your profession after studying or studying a medical coding course training,
  3. You can find yourself positioned in the medical field and you can help many people as a medical coder.

How to become a medical coder?

Now that you know what a medical coder is and know why you should become one, here is how you can become a medical coder:

  1. Getting Started: The first step towards becoming a medical coder is to cover the prerequisites. Here are the mandatory things you need to have:
    • A high school diploma or an equivalent, and
    • No criminal record or data to your name.
  2. Studying and Training: The next step can be divided into two sections:
    • First Leg: To become a medical coder, you will need to enroll in a school to learn everything about medical coding. You can find courses, or medical coding training schools.The schools and training can last as long as 18 to 24 months, while others could end sooner. You should choose a school or a course according to your comfort. When you apply, have a look at the duration of the course.
    • Second Leg: Gradute! Once you enroll, all you need to do is study hard and graduate to become a medical coder!
  3. Get a Certification: Although you can skip this part and directly apply for a job, getting certified helps you stand out of the rest. You can look up various certifications and apply for the same. You could try out generic specifications or a specialized specification for medical coding before job hunting.
  4. Find a job: Once you graduate from the training program, and have your certifications, all you need to do is find a job as per your profile. Look for openings and send in your resumes. When you get a call for an interview, make sure you are at your best.

Once you land a job, you become a medical coder. However, technically, you become one the moment you finish your course but well, getting a job makes you feel proud and dignified! Find a job that you’d love and work hard!